Residential Group Homes

24-hour personalized and individualized care

United and Empowered Care, Inc offers Five Licensed Provider Residential Group Homes operated by certified staff. Our group homes are in the City of Hampton, VA. Our group homes are modern & inviting. United and Empowered Care want all residents to build and foster meaningful and healthy relationships with peers, family, friends, and staff. The Residential Group Homes are constructed to group people who are compatible with living together and may be able to offer peer-to-peer emotional support. United and Empowered Care support individuals from all spectrums ranging from high functioning to low-functioning levels of care.

Through our Residential Group Homes, we provide support in a family setting with 24-hour staffing seven days a week for male and female adult individuals with Intellectual and other Developmental Disabilities. We also provide Skilled Nursing Services that cater to individuals with medical needs.

We support our individuals in maintaining independence and dignity as their need for assistance with daily living activities increases. Our commitment is to ensure that our individuals have the best opportunity to live their best lives as they deserve.

Community Engagement & Community Coaching

United & Empowered Care Inc Community Engagement & Community Coaching Program allows individuals to go out in the community and participate in various activities. This service is geared to promote more independent aimed goals in a monitored and safe environment. Participants in this service have multiple opportunities to engage in activities that improve their independent living skills.  Through our Community Engagement & Community Coaching Program, our persons can interact with community members, such as Police Officers, Firefighters, Postal Workers, Hospital Personnel, Vocational Employees, and other Community Entities. Our individuals learn about the rules that must be followed for safety and how to appropriately interact with others in the community and develop themselves educationally and financially.

This service also prepares individuals to contribute to their community by participating in volunteer opportunities such as Meals on Wheels, The Red Cross, and Voter Registration Support. The Community Engagement & Community Coaching Program is centered around developing skills for potential workforce employment. These activities promote independence and further build social skills.  

Day Support Program

The Day Support Program was established to provide individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities with the opportunity, and space to achieve their goals, feel supported, and reach their highest potential. Our staff provides social skill building, peer interaction, life skills, coping skills, and health and safety development in conjunction with individualized training. Individuals at Day Support participate in group activities that are centered and focused on teaching about awareness & current events. At Day Support, individuals can learn independent living skills such as cooking, hygiene, and boundaries to build and foster social interaction skills. United & Empowered Care Day Support Program offers sensory rooms for individuals who do not want too much stimulation and need a quiet environment. Day Support also provides computer access for individuals to learn about the safe use of technology. United & Empowered Care, INC Day Support Program also offers Skilled Nursing Services that cater to individuals with medical needs. Skilled Nursing Services Provide: Medication Management & Feeding through G-Tube, Nutrition Management, Diabetic Care, and Monitoring Vital Signs by Nurses & Trained Staff

Sponsored Residential

Provider for Adults and Children Our Sponsored Residential Program gives care to adult and adolescent individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in the home and community settings. This program provides a comfortable and supportive living environment where individuals can make choices. The Sponsor Residential Providers educate on life skills such as budgeting, completing a hygiene routine, developing a practice to improve cleanliness in the household, learning about fire safety, and cooking. This program focuses on the individual and promotes quality and progress towards individualized outcomes by addressing needs for choice, relationships, lifestyle, health, well-being, human rights, and life satisfaction. United & Empowered Care Inc provides 24-hour Sponsored Residential Services and supports to and for individuals who are diagnosed with ID/DD. Sponsored Residential Providers ensure that individuals develop the critical life skills necessary to function independently within their community.  Sponsored Residential Providers provide that individuals follow their Individualized Service Plan (ISP), which is catered toward person-centered approaches.

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The mission of our programs and services is to protect, foster, develop and advance the rights and interests of people with developmental disabilities.