“We are people helping people fulfill their dreams, strengths, and needs….one goal at a time!”


OPN-Door Communications LLC is a business developed by Vickie R. Williams is the Executive Director for OPN-Door Communications, a business that meets the communication needs of private businesses and the public sector.

Vickie currently holds 4 certifications in mediation with the Virginia Supreme Court.  OPN-Door Communications is the investigative arm for United and Empowered Care and Vickie currently serves on the board for United and Empowered Care. Vicki’s organization specializes in creating cooperative environments that allow for effective communication between management, employees, companies and other professionals.

The OPNDoor Toolbox (c) is a program that is uniquely designed with services to meet your specific situation and it consists of the following services: mediation, conflict coaching, alternative dispute resolution, workshop development and trainings. Each client's situation is unique; each client's Toolbox will be unique to them. 

Vivienne Baker

Operations Director

Vivienne Baker is the director of the administrative and day to day business operations.  She ensures organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organizations administrative, HR, financial and business functions.  Vivienne is a seasoned professional with a multifaceted background that includes executive fiscal administration (non-profit), branch bank management, and retail operations management. 

Maria C. Holmes RN, MSN-Ed
RN Supervisor

Nurse Educator

Vickie R. Williams
OPN-Door Communications LLC

Maria C. Holmes has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare field with a focus on clinical practice and nursing education.  

Currently, she serves as a full-time Assistant Professor and Clinical Coordinator and teaches pediatric nursing, pharmacology and serves as clinical instructor.  She is a Nursing Supervisor, Program Director, Educator and Board member of United and Empowered Care, Inc. 

Maria holds a certificate as a Master Medication Trainer by Virginia Commonwealth University and she is a licensed American Heart Association CPR Instructor. 

Charmaine Claiborne oversees and provides quality control to all areas of programing ensuring that all policies and procedures are implemented.  She oversees Residential, Day-Support, Sponsored Residential and Program Directors in addition to maintaining all program files and ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organizations programing functions. Charmaine has years of experience in the Healthcare Field and is knowledgeable of all aspects of the business.  She also coordinates with Program Directors to market services to the community.

Franklin Bradford

Senior Program Director

Franklin Bradford is the director of the Residential, Sponsored Residential and Day Support Programs.  He oversees the day to day operations of each facility and orients, trains and supervises the program managers, nurses, supervisors and direct support staff.  Franklin also writes and ensures implementation person centered plans as well as coordinating services offered to each individual.  Franklin is experienced in the ID profession and he possesses extensive experience in the ID sector ranging from clinical care to administrative responsibility.

Charmaine Claiborne

Assistant Executive Director

Valda Claiborne oversees all functions of United & Empowered Care and its directors.  She provides vision and direction for the company that has resulted in growth and expansion in the past 8 years in business.  Valda also works within the community to advocate for providers as well as for the rights of the individuals being served.  Having worked extensively in this industry for years, she possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Valda Claiborne

Executive Director